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TeraBox MOD APK Latest Version is a virtual cloud storage app offers 1Tb for free. You can store your all multimedia files. Also you can share the media and edit the files With Terabox APK.

PC v1.31.0.1

Update April 2024

Size 79 MB

System 5+

Flextech Inc


Introduction of Terabox

Terabox Pro for PC is a virtual cloud storage that keeps and organizes media files online. Terabox latest version allows you 1TB of free cloud storage to store your wide range of media files such as Photos, Videos, Documents, and others. Terabox updated version has a friendly user interface where you can manage all kinds of data and secure your business files, which is essential because you need secure cloud storage to store your data without any risk.

terabox for PC latest version

What Is Terabox for PC

Terabox ads-free is not about cloud storage. It offers more advanced features such as file preview, high-resolution play video, remote upload, and auto data backup. You don’t need to download the images or videos for viewing. Terabox premium version allows its users to upload content remotely using video links, BitTorrent files, or magnet links, which Terabox latest version stores in the cloud server.

Terabox for PC / Windows App Details

App Details

Features of Terabox for PC

features of terabox for pc

Enormous room

TeraBox new version offers an impressive 1TB of free data storage, making it an attractive offer for users. Users may store an incredible amount of data on this enormous area, approximately 400,000 images or 51,200 one-minute films. Whether you work as a professional photographer or videographer or just like collecting digital photos, TeraBox colossal storage capacity promises you will stay in Space for a while.

File preview

One of TeraBox for windows best features is the ability to see photos and movies in all popular formats without having to download them to your device. This capability enhances the user interface by removing needless downloads and providing rapid and simple access to multimedia files.

Direct upload

TeraBox premium for PC functionality for remote uploading brings user convenience to an entirely new level. The server will process and store any links and files users upload such as BitTorrent files, magnet links, and video links to your TeraBox account. The feature boosts accessibility and makes including outside material in your cloud storage easier.

Automated backup

TeraBox newest version goes above and beyond by providing automated backup possibilities. Users can configure their folders for automatic backup, which offers dependable protection against unintentional data loss. Users who appreciate data security and want to be sure that their key files are constantly safeguarded will especially benefit from this feature. 

Secure area

Pro version TeraBox for PC offers Safe Space to customers worried about protecting their private files. This feature provides an additional layer of password security, enabling users to keep sensitive or private information in a safe setting. By improving overall file security, the Safe Space feature gives users confidence in the privacy of their stored data.

Playback of videos

TeraBox for Computer supports every popular video format online, proving its flexibility in this area. Users may select from various visual qualities and playback rates based on their tastes and network connectivity. This flexibility guarantees users with different tastes a specific and engaging viewing experience.

Sharing of files

Using the premium version of  TeraBox for PC makes file sharing simple. Users can copy URLs or input email addresses to share files with others. You may give each link a unique validity period to provide users control over which files they can access. TeraBox makes it easier to share information safely, whether for business cooperation or to relive memories with loved ones.

Is TeraBox Safe?

terabox is safe for pc

Although TeraBox provides enticing free cloud storage (1TB), the need for updated information raises doubts regarding the quality of their service right now. You must confirm the existing security standards and user ratings before you can confirm the existing security standards and user ratings to store highly sensitive or personal information in TeraBox cloud space.

In order to decide whether or not to trust TeraBox for pc, you should review current user reviews, evaluate the terms of service and privacy policy, and seek any security audits or certifications that might shed light on the reliability of their data protection procedures. Services that place a high priority on robust security procedures and open accountability about the management of user data should always come first.

In the end, you should make your choice to trust TeraBox on the most recent information available, and until you can find out what their current storage and safety of data policies are like, you should proceed with caution.

System prerequisites

TeraBox is PC compatible and accessible on both x86 and x64 architectures, serving a wide range of users. The program is made to work on Windows 10 version 0.0 or later, making it accessible to a large number of Windows users. TeraBox is a user-friendly solution for many audiences because its simple system requirements call for an integrated keyboard and mouse.

Latest version of TeraBox for PC, which started the terabyte era, has a large 1TB storage capacity and other intuitive features. TeraBox meets many user demands for a dependable and flexible cloud storage solution, from simple file viewing and remote uploading to customizable file sharing and automated backup. Safe Space And simple system requirements make TeraBox an even more appealing choice for professionals and individuals. Pro version TeraBox stands apart in the crowded field of cloud storage because it uses the capability of 1TB storage to provide safe file storage and easy data management.

How does Terabox stack up against alternative options?

A relatively recent addition to the cloud storage market, TeraBox was developed by the Japanese business Flextech. It has many of the same capabilities as its Western equivalents, including cross-platform compatibility and support for any file you choose to upload to your account.

It is truly remarkable that it is the first cloud service in the world to provide one terabyte of storage capacity for free account users. To increase privacy and security, you may build your virtual box for a particular device with a PIN to which you can move important and private files you want to keep secure. However, there are a few crucial factors to consider before proceeding.

With free Terabox App

A few things to keep in mind about the free version are:

  • The 4GB maximum file upload size.
  • The 720p video cap.
  • The need for automated backups.

Additionally, your account may only store 500 files, and there will be some restrictions on your connection speeds. Furthermore, given the available storage space, it needs more connectivity with third-party apps and services, which is sad.

Is TeraBox free for PC?

TeraBox is the industry leader in free storage space since it provides its users with a generous 1024GB of safe and free cloud storage. Although the basic storage is free, customers may need to choose premium plans to have more capacity, which will cost extra. However, in a market where such generosity is rare, TeraBox’s dedication to providing a substantial free storage option is a laudable offering.

How to download Terabox for PC

To download and set up TeraBox on your PC, go to the following detailed instructions:

Launch a web browser:

  • Open the web browser of your choice (e.g., Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome).

Go to our TeraBox website:

Visit TeraBox’s website.

  • Either type https://teraboxapkmod.com into the address bar or use your search engine to look for “TeraBox APK mod site to do this. 

Go to the section where you may download:

  • Find the “Download” button or link on the TeraBox site. Usually, the site or menu makes this quite clear.

Choose the Windows Version:

  • Once you’re on the download page, find the Windows version. The “Download for Windows” button should be clicked. As a result, the TeraBox latest version installer will start downloading to your PC.

Launch the Installer:

  • Once the download is finished, go to your downloads folder (or the area where your browser saves downloaded files). To install TeraBox for PC, double-click the installer file, which is usually called “TeraBox Setup.exe.” 

Download now Terabox for your PC

Terabox for PC Installation requirements

Terabox for PC requirements

Terabox carefully considered which platforms to support its PC application while designing it. This implies that Terabox functions are accessible even with outdated PCs. The minimal system specifications needed to install TeraBox are listed below:

Installation requirements

However, the TeraBox for PC program may be used with minimum requirements. However, we advise installing TeraBox on windows with the following specifications for the best user experience and smooth functionality:

Recommended system requirements

Recommended system requirements

Observe the installation guidelines:

  • If you enable the app to modify your device, a security prompt may appear asking for your permission. Press “Yes” to continue.
  • It will launch the TeraBox installation. To finish the installation, adhere to the on-screen directions. Accepting the terms and conditions and choosing an installation location is typically required (the default is usually good).

Start TeraBox:

  • After the installation, you can locate TeraBox on your desktop or in your Start menu, or you may click “Finish” in the installer window if it prompts you to run the software. 

Access or Register for an Account:

  • When you first use TeraBox, you will be required to log in. If you already have an account with TeraBox, please enter your login details. If you still need to, you must go through the registration procedure again and create a new account.

Utilize TeraBox Now:

  • You may use TeraBox to save, distribute, and organize your files as soon as you log in. 

Troubleshooting Advice:

Problems with Installation:

Ensure your Windows operating system is up to date if you experience problems with installation.

Antivirus Interference:

Occasionally, antivirus software may block the installation. If this occurs, you may need to turn off your antivirus program to install TeraBox.

Admin Rights:

Ensure you have the necessary permissions on your computer, as installing new software usually calls for them.

You should be able to download and install TeraBox on your PC by following these instructions. 

Final Words

With 1TB of free cloud storage available, TeraBox Pro for PC is a great choice if you need to save a lot of images, videos, and documents. It has an easy-to-use interface, safe storage, file previews, remote uploads, high-quality video playback, and backups that happen on autopilot. With no advertisements and higher file upload limits, the premium version of TeraBox improves the user experience.

Even though TeraBox offers outstanding free storage, before storing critical data, it’s vital to check current security policies and user feedback. All things considered, TeraBox sticks out from the competition in the cloud storage space because to its ample free storage and practical features.

Is Terabox available for PC?

Yes, you may use any device (Android, PC, or iOS) to access any content you upload to Terabox. You’ll need to utilize your account on those sites in order to accomplish this, though.

IS TeraBox for PC safe?

When downloading and uploading files, data is transported. By using the protocol to safeguard illegal approaches, other comparable data actions are effectively secured.

Is Terabox alternative Google Drive?

Analyze the features, functionality, and customer support of various software solutions and contrast them with the similarities and contrasts found in genuine user evaluations.

Is Terabox 1TB free

Yes, Giving out 1 TB of space is a daring marketing approach. There are some drawbacks, too, such as a quite liberal 4GB file size restriction. With a free TeraBox account, users may only save 500 files, and after 10 days, the data are irreversibly erased.

Is Terabox good for use?

Yes, One of the greatest apps for cloud storage is Terabox!
Its ability to store data on servers far away that are reachable over the internet, together with its sync capabilities, file sharing capabilities, and reasonably priced membership levels, are what I find most appealing.

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