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TeraBox MOD APK Premium Updated v3.31.1 (Latest, Unlocked, No ads)


Terabox MOD APK Latest Version is a virtual cloud storage app allows unlimited for free. You can store your all multimedia files. Also you can share the media and edit the files With Terabox APK.

Version 3.31.1

Update 2024

Size 115 MB

System 5+

Flextech Inc



TeraBox MOD APK is the modified version of the official TeraBox. Its fully optimized version includes its friendly interface and friendly features for all devices (Android, iOS, and PC). You can enjoy all its premium features without disturbance, such as ads.

It also provides the fastest sharing platform for all types of files. In this article, we offer a step-by-step download guide and explore how to download the latest version of TeraBox MOD APK for Android.  

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What is TeraBox MOD?

TeraBox MOD APK 2024

TeraBox MOD APK is the updated and advanced version of the original TeraBox. It provides us with premium and unlock features not available in the original version of TeraBox. TeraBox MOD APK is the easiest way to send all your files globally. Back up images, videos, documents, and other files you have shared to cloud storage. The latest version of TeraBox Mod APK ad-free provides advanced features like fast downloading speed, increased storage space, and many other advancements or enhancements that are not available in the official TeraBox version.

Terabox Premium unlocked is the best choice for those who want more storage space for device data. It contains all premium features without any external purchasing. Using the modded version may result in Terabox’s original detecting it, risking a permanent ban on your account.

 It is important to note that using the modified version of TeraBox Mod APK can cause some security risks. This mod APK has many tools and functions, allowing you to effectively manage files and media on cloud storage. You can download an ads-free TeraBox Mod APK.

Are you eager to learn more about the features of Mod Terabox APK?

TeraBox Premium free App Details

TeraBox APK App Details


features of terabox mod apk

The updated version of the TeraBox Mod APK has many unique features that distinguish it from the original TeraBox. Here are some advanced features you can enjoy with the modded version of TeraBox.


The latest APK Mod has a user-friendly and adaptable interface. It provides assistance and guidance on essential features. The best part is its modern and well-liked design.

It offers various buttons and tools for adjusting the appearance and style. Users can sync their data with other compatible devices using the TeraBox mod unlocked. If you want a seamless cloud storage experience, Terabox is the right choice. TeraBox APK login ensures complete security and protection.

Run smoothly

The latest version of TeraBox Mod APK allows its users to enjoy the app without any interruption, such as ads. You can use all the features and options without any disturbance or ads. Now, you can send files such as photos, videos, music, documents, and other files without viewing any ads, and you don’t have to worry about the speed of sending because you can share files and save time with the high speed of this app without any barrier. 

Automated Backup of Files (Photos and Videos Backup)

TeraBox Mod’s latest version is one of the best-modified tools for managing and keeping all kinds of data. You can store photos, audio, videos, documents, and all other media files. If your device does not have enough space for saving your media files, you can use its automatic backup feature to manage your files like videos, images, and other documents.

Terbox APK has a flexible backup schedule. TeraBox free version allows users to set up an automatic backup schedule according to the different timetable calendars. You can schedule your Terabox for daily, Weekly, and Monthly auto backup.

Cross-platform and coordination.

TeraBox Mod APK Premium allows users to cross platforms that store their data on Android, iOS, Tablets, PC, and other operating systems. All devices sync data. Terabox APK ads are free and allow you to back up your data with high security. It manages and encrypts your data before being transmitted or stored on the server. It keeps its users very high without losing any data.

Easy control

Terabox Mod APK premium ads, free and unlocked, allow you to grip and control your data entirely. You can manage, edit, move, share, delete, and filter your data very simply.

You can use labels for different kinds of data. It allows you to tag your data for time schedules. If your data is deleted, you can restore it easily and quickly. You can manage your valuable business and important files without any risk.

Security of Account

TeraBox Mod APK free uses advanced end-to-end encryption to protect your media files. All data is transmitted and stored on a secure server, and the user has only access to manage the data.

The TeraBox tool’s new version helps to keep your data safe in case an unknown person attempts to access your account with an unrecognized device. It supports two-step validation, a robust security method for logging in and accessing your account.

It also requires a One-Time Password. You must provide additional security validation, such as an OTP code or fingerprint validation.

Preview Your Files with High-Quality Resolution

TeraBox Mod free download always ensures its users demand HD quality previews for media files. It allows you to download media files from the server with a premium high resolution.

When you watch a video on a local server, it has the highest video and image quality.


TeraBox Mod APK is a multilingual app. International users can easily use this app because they can change the interface language to their home country’s language. They can upload and share their files without facing language problems. TeraBox Premium adopts the language used in the system. The TeraBox modified version unlocked all the premium features and provided an ads-free experience free of cost.

Video Playback

The Terabox mod app allows you to use the playback option for any video file, which helps you quickly find your data.

Custom folder

With Terabox ads free, you can create a custom folder to manage your files and media.

Terabox Mod APK free download 

You can download Terabox Mod APK and get premium features without any external purchasing. When you upload your media files to its cloud storage, it automatically compresses them without reducing the content quality. It completes the process shortly when you want to download your media files.

The alternative of Terabox Mod APK premium 

You can download and use many alternatives to Terabox, including Dropbox, One Drive, Xiaomi Cloud, Google Drive, Samsung Cloud, Baido network disk, and many others.

Here are the specifications of these alternatives.


Dropbox is offering 2 GB of free storage. If you upgrade the plan, you can add up to 5 TB of storage.

One Drive:

It provides 5 GB of free storage. If you upgrade the plan, the storage will increase according to your plan.

Xiaomi cloud:

You can use an extra 5GB of storage in this cloud storage.

Google Drive:

Google Drive allows you 15GB of free storage and has sharing limits.

How to Download TeraBox Mod APK?

how to download terabox

If you want to enjoy the top premium features of Terabox APK Mod, you can download the APK file from this website.

Here is the step-by-step guide to download the Terabox Mod APK unlock version.

  • Step 1: Open a search browser or Google browser on your device.
  • Step 2: search the secure website “Terabxapkmod.com” and “click on the search result.
  • Step 3: Find the download button or explore the article after landing on the secure website.
  • Step 4: After clicking on the download button, the APK file may take a few seconds to download on your Android device.
  • Step 5: After downloading the file, open it to install it on your device and click “Allow Unknown Sources.”
  • Step 6: Open the Terabox on your device after downloading and installing.
  • Step 7: If you download it for the first time, you must create an account to use this app. Simply enter your email or phone number. If you’re currently associated with Terabox, use your information to log into the app.

If you have downloaded Terabox Mod APK v3.31.1, for Android, which has all premium features and is ad-free, on your device from any trusted source, it is safe and secure.

Download Latest Version of TeraBox Mod APK


High download speed
The design of the Terabox mod app accelerates download ability. It saves the users time.
High-quality video
Its Mod APK version provides high-quality media videos and images. It enhances the visual experience for users who like media content.
Terabox Mod APK ads-free
The latest version of the Terabox mod APK does not have ads when you use it. We removed all the ads from the app.
User-friendly interface
It has an amicable user interface. Users can enjoy the Terbox Mod premium version’s interface and its usage.


Risk of Malware
In the modified version of Terabox, there is the risk of viruses or malware. In this APK version, there is no claim for data security.
Login issue
Some users have complained that Treabox Mod APK free can’t be logged in through a Google account. Google limits for some users.
Account ban chance
Using the Terabox Mod version may lead to Official Terabox banning your account. It may lose all data associated with Terabox.
Internet connection
It would help to have a proper and stable internet connection to use this app. Without an internet connection, you can’t access your media field.

A possible solution is if the download is not working.

If you are eager to download the latest version of the Terabox Mod APK but encounter interruptions, you must check out these settings.

  • Mobile storage.
  • Internet connection.
  • Try another download manager.
  • Restart your device to remove caches.
  • Try again to download a new APK file of the Terabox mod version.

Is the moded version of Teraboox safe?

terabox mod apk is safe

Be aware that using the modded version of TeraBox may lead to detection by the official Terabox. It will permanently ban your TeraBox account.

Safety depends on where you get the Terabox Mod APK file. It is fully secure if you download it from an authentic and secure website. However, you risk losing your data if you download it from an unknown source.

It is your personal choice to download Terabox or any other cloud storage server.

Final words

In conclusion, TeraBox MOD APK is a modified version of the official Terabox that offers premium features such as ad-free usage, increased storage space, and high quality for file sharing. It supports cross-platform use on Android, iOS, and PCs and includes automated backup, enhanced security with end-to-end encryption, and a user-friendly interface. However, using this modded version poses risks such as potential malware, account bans by the official Terabox, and login issues.

Safety depends on downloading the APK from a reputable source. If you choose to use it, ensure you download it from a trusted website to minimize security risks.


Why is Terabox not working?

Firstly, you should make sure that your internet connection is working properly. If the data connection is okay, look for the downloaded version if you are still using the old version. You should download the latest version of Terabox.

What are the benefits of using Terabox mod?

 Using the Terabox mod, you can enjoy many impeccable features, unlimited storage, and other cool features without the ads.

Is it safe to use Terabox mod?

Generally, using Terabox is safe. However, it might contain harmful bugs like viruses. It is a good idea to download it from a trusted and secure place, check for viruses, and install it on your device.

What is Terabox MOD APK?

Terabox Mod APK is a modified version of the Terabox app that offers free premium features like increased storage, high-speed downloads, and an ad-free experience.

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