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TeraBox MOD APK Latest Version is a virtual cloud storage app that offers 1Tb for free. You can store all your multimedia files. Also, you can share the media and edit the files With Terabox APK.

Version 3.31.1

Update 2024

Size 115 MB

System 13+

Flextech Inc


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TeraBox Mod Introduction

The official TeraBox for iOS has been changed and is now available as TeraBox MOD APK for iOS, a completely optimized version that includes user-friendly features and an intuitive interface for all platforms (PC, iOS, and Android). You may use all of its premium features without interruption from advertisements or other things.

Additionally, it offers the quickest platform for exchanging files. This article walks you through every process step and includes a step-by-step download instruction for the most recent TeraBox MOD APK (IPA).

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Terabox MOD iOS in Portuguese

What is TeraBox APK MOD for iOS?

terabox mod apk for ios

The most recent and sophisticated iteration of the original TeraBox is the TeraBox iOS app (IPA) file. It offers us its unlock and premium features, which are not present in TeraBox’s first release. The simplest method for sending your files worldwide is to use TeraBox APK to back up any shared data, including documents, films, photos, and other media types, to cloud storage. Advanced features like quicker download times, more storage, and several other improvements are offered by the most recent TeraBox ad-free version, which is not in the official TeraBox version.

The ideal option for people who desire extra storage space for device data is Terabox-free. It does not require any further purchases and comes with all premium features. If Terabox Original finds out that you are using the modified version, your account could be permanently banned.

It is crucial to remember that using the updated TeraBox iOS may pose some security risks. This mode app’s numerous tools and features allow you to efficiently manage the media and data stored on cloud storage. TeraBox free for iOS is available for free download with advertising.

App Details For Terabox

App Details For IPA

TeraBox APK Features for iOS:

features of terabox mod apk ios

Are you excited to find out more about Terabox features?

Several distinctive characteristics set the newly updated TerBox iOS version apart from the original TeraBox. These are a few more luxurious features of the upgraded TeraBox version.

User Interface

Terabox Mod APK’s Latest Version includes a user-friendly and customizable UI. It offers advice and information on vital features. The most excellent element is its trendy design.

It provides a variety of buttons and tools for customizing the appearance and style. TeraBox mod unlocked allows users to sync their data with other compatible devices. Terabox is the ideal alternative for those seeking a flawless cloud storage experience. TeraBox APK login provides complete security and protection.

Simple to manage

With Terabox Mod APK premium ads-free unlocked, you can completely grasp and handle your data. Your data is straightforward to manage, modify, transfer, share, remove, and filter.

Labels are useful tools for organizing many types of data. You can tag your data for time schedules using them. You can quickly and easily recover your data if it is erased. You don’t have to take chances when managing your priceless company and crucial information.

File Backup Done Automatically (Photos and Videos Backup)

The most recent version of TeraBox Pro is among the most excellent tools for organizing and storing various data types; you may save documents, audio files, video files, images, and other media files. Use your device’s automated backup option to manage your data, including documents, movies, and photos, if there isn’t enough room on it for your media files.

The backup schedule of Terbox APK is adjustable. With the latest version of TeraBox, users may configure an automated backup plan based on a customized calendar or timetable. Your Terabox may be set up for automatic backup daily, weekly, or monthly.

Function without a hitch

The current version of TeraBox APK enables users to utilize the software without any interruptions, including advertisements. There are no interruptions or advertisements when using any features and choices. With this app’s high speed, you can now exchange files and save time without any barriers. You can transfer things like images, movies, music, documents, and other files without seeing any ads or worrying about the pace of sending.

Coordination and cross-platform.

TeraBox Mod APK Premium users may save their data across platforms, including PCs, tablets, iOS, Android, and other operating systems. Every device syncs data. Terabox APK pro makes high-security data backup possible without advertisements. It manages and encrypts your data before it is sent over the network or kept on the server. It maintains a very high user security level without causing any data loss.


TeraBox Mod Premium is a multilingual app. Customers from other countries find this software very easy to use because they can switch the interface language to the language of their native country. They won’t have any linguistic barriers when they post and exchange their work. TeraBox Premium adopts the language the system uses. All the premium features were unlocked, and the TeraBox modified version offered a cost-free, ad-free experience.


TeraBox Mod APK free for iOS uses advanced end-to-end encryption technology to safeguard your media data. Every piece of information is sent and kept on a safe server, guaranteeing that the user may only access the data for management.

The TeraBox new version utility helps protect your data if someone tries to access your account using a device that isn’t recognized. It offers two-step validation and a robust account access and login security mechanism.

Additionally, a One-Time Password was needed. Additional security validation, such as an OTP code or fingerprint validation, is required.

Check Out Your Files in High Resolution

Users of TeraBox Mod free download are guaranteed to receive HD-quality previews of their files. It allows you to download media files with premium high resolution from the server.

Viewing content from a local server achieves the best video and picture quality.

Video Playback

With the Terabox mod app free, you may utilize the playback option for any video file, which makes it easier for you to locate your data quickly.

Bespoke folder

You may create a custom folder in Terabox Ads Free to organize and manage your files and media.

Download Terabox Mod APK for free.

By downloading Terabox Mod APK, you can obtain premium features without making any further purchases. When you upload your media files to the cloud storage, they are automatically compressed without sacrificing the quality of the content. The process finishes quickly when you wish to download your media files.

How to download TeraBox for iPhone?

how to download terabox for ios

This is the correct way to get Terabox from the iPhone app store. For your benefit, we have clarified and detailed a few simple tasks. You will notice a new logo if you follow them step by step.

  • Check your internet connection and unlock your phone first.
  • Go to your app store and use the search bar to look up Terabox.
  • To begin the download of your program file, simply click the “download button.”
  • When the download is finished, launch the program, and it will prompt you to create an account.
  • Your Facebook account, Gmail account, Apple ID, email address, and phone number may all be used to create an account.
  • Whether or not to accept alerts is up to you.
  • If you want to be extra safe, you may use this app by creating a screen lock.

Download from the App Store

Is Teraboox’s modded version safe for iPad/Mac?

Be advised that using the modified version of TeraBox might result in the original TeraBox APK discovering you, which will permanently block your TeraBox account.

The source of the Terabox Mod APK iOS file determines safety. It is entirely safe if you get it from a reliable and secure source. If you download data from an unidentified source, there’s a chance you won’t get it back.

Downloading Terabox or any other cloud storage server is entirely up to you.

Install TeraBox IPA for iPad/Mac with Sideloadly

  • On your Mac or iPad, open Google Chrome or any other browser.
  • Click on the search bar and type Sideloadly.
  • After downloading it to your device, begin the installation process.
  • Drag the IPA file into Sideloadly after connecting your iOS device to your computer.
  • Verify your Apple ID by connecting it.
  • To install an IPA file and start using it, simply click.
  • Navigate to the settings → profiles & devices management → developer trust.
  • Open the developer mod by going to privacy & security on iOS 16.

Install TeraBox IPA Without iOS

  • Check your internet connection and unlock your phone first.
  • Go to your app store and use the search box to enter Scarlet.
  • To install it, download it to your iOS device and open it.
  • Navigate to the settings → profiles & devices management → developer trust.
  • To share the IPA file with Scarlet (a third-party app), download it.
  • Your file will be installed on your iOS device following these instructions.


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Install TeraBox IPA for iOS with ALTSTORE

  • There are some easy steps you have to follow to download the IPA file of Terabox for IOS with AltStore:
  • Open Google Chrome or any other browser on your Mac/iPad, and you can get it from the app store.
  • Type AltStore in the search bar of the browser or app store.
  • Download it on your iOS device and open it for installation.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password in Altstore.
  • Click on the + icon in the top left corner. You will see the Terabox IPA file there. Click on it.
  • The file will be installed on your iOS device after a few minutes.

Download the TeraBox App from the App Store

For iOS devices, the latest version is also accessible through the App Store. We offer a direct link that will take you to the app store. The application begins to download when you click the download button.

TeraBox App from the App Store

Difference Between Original Terabox and Terabox premium

To make sure you made the proper choice in selecting us, we are going to explain to you the distinctions between Normal and Premium Terbox.

Difference Between Original Terabox and Terabox Mod


To sum up, the TeraBox MOD APK for iOS is a vastly improved version of the TeraBox app that offers users premium features including faster download speeds, more storage, an ad-free experience, and advanced file management tools. It allows easy data synchronization between several systems, offering a safe and easy user experience. You run the risk of having your account banned from the original TeraBox service if you use the modified version. Along with outlining the advantages and possible drawbacks of using TeraBox MOD APK, this tutorial offers comprehensive steps for downloading and installing the file.

Is TeraBox available for iOS?

Yes, it works with all iOS devices. The IPA file is available for download by Mac/iPad users, while iPhone users may get it through the app store.

Is TeraBox APK secure for iOS devices?

The source of the Terabox Mod APK iOS file determines safety. It is entirely safe if you get it from a reliable and secure source. If you download data from an unidentified source, there’s a chance you won’t get it back.

Is TeraBox free for downloading?

Yes, Terabox Mod APK is free with all premium features.

Can I trust Terabox APK for sharing files?

Yes, you can completely rely on this software. Client-side encryption is not available with Terabox, thus your data is not protected before it is uploaded to the cloud.

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